Astrology is a language of symbols based on the ever-changing positions of the Sun, Moon, and planets – all from our own perspective here on Earth. It is through interpretation of these symbols that Toby Aldren will help you uncover meaning as to your general character, your life’s purpose, your vocation or career potential, your relationship needs, and much more. But it doesn’t stop there. As the patterns continue to unfold, astrology also offers perspective on the cycles in your life. Toby can help you understand the unique shifts and changes you encounter from year to year.

The benefit of having a consultation with Toby Aldren starts with gaining clarity of who you are on the inside. Some would call this soul. Toby will not attempt to predict exactly how situations will unfold in your life. Such a fated view of life is limiting and disempowering. Instead, Toby believes that you can act as a co-creator of your own life, making choices for yourself on how best to use the energy in the current and upcoming astrological weather.

If you find yourself at a crossroads in life, a session with Toby may prompt you to better understand the circumstances of your journey. On your own, sometimes it’s tricky to navigate through the many opportunities and obstacles. With Toby, at least you’ll have a map.